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Pali Canon Search

… If you want to search through the Buddhist Pali Canon in English you can use this Google custom search:

This is like a Meta Search Engine: Many of the big online sutta repositories complement each other. Using this search you may find the passage you are looking for. Good luck!

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Okay, the following anthology seemed long overdue – I found that especially in a Western Christian environment many Buddhists do not know what the Buddha (or the early Buddhist literature, depending on the grade of your trust) had to say on topics like:

a.) the belief/view of an eternal Creator God
b.) how this belief comes into being
c.) which parts of this belief are dogma and which real
d.) what the path to God is really all about
e.) some guidelines from the Buddha for Christians

If you like to find answers to those questions and more, have a look here:

If you want to read more, there is also a link/references sections at the bottom of the page. If you know similar statements made by the Buddha, just send me an e-mail with a reference to the Pitaka. Overall, i always found Buddha’s explanation of the Christian Religion to be the most comprehensive and understandable…One might say, the most consistent Christian theology is Buddhist.

Maybe all this is due to the fact that

anno es’ ev’assa, avuso, gatakassa maggo nama

“For him, who has gone the way, brother, this path looks different”

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Tonight i launched a new webpages/services on nibbanam.com. It’s in a custom Google search for all Buddhist Pali Canon translations in German – something which i had in mind for a long time. I was using site:palikanon.com quite too often and thought – why not give it a nice dedicated page with some references to important websites and Google search engine in the background. Well, thats simple enough: If you speak some German, give it a try:

An English version for all English resources scattered on the net would be a fine idea as well. Especially after i found out that sometimes, when you look for a text on http://www.accesstoinsight.org it is the only one not yet online at this otherwise great Buddhist repository.

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